1. Parking concealed behind street-fronting buildings and landscaped open space.
  2. Parking lot access driveway shared between multiple destinations.
  3. Main drive aisle clear of parking spaces.
  4. Large parking area divided into smaller parking courts.
  5. Direct and continuous pedestrian network.
  6. Clearly marked pedestrian crossing.
  7. Designated internal pedestrian pathway with shade trees.
  8. Minimum 10’ wide landscaped medium with shade trees (bio-retention opportunity).
  9. Minimum 10’ wide landscaped area with shade trees and low plantings for screening.
  10. Parking row (20-23 continuous spaces maximum) with landscaped breaks.
  11. End of row island with shade trees (minimum 1000 cubic ft. soil volume).
  12. Consolidated landscape area (bio-retention opportunity).
  13. Coordinated lighting scheme.
  14. Bio-retention area/rain garden.
  15. Permeable surface (when feasible).