Approval procedures are streamlined on the condition of the applicant conforming with specific municipal policies and mitigation of impacts. Site plan and subdivision regulations can require that impacts be documented in maps, drawings, and photographs. Approval of site plans and subdivisions as well as the granting of special permits and variances can be conditional on demonstrating conformance with policies and regulations. If there is a significant impact, mitigation can be required under environmental review authority.


To facilitate the review process for projects that the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan and other policies.


Requirements for approval must be as specific as possible and well documented so that otherwise findings are “clear and convincing.” The process will not be able to withstand challenges that it is arbitrary or exceeds the authority of the local legislative body.


Enables discretionary review around matters/issues such as aesthetics that may not be easily addressed through administrative review of specific standards. Can be used to incentivize desired development.


Gaining Ground Research Paper

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