Additional provisions on top of existing zoning.

Administrative Tools:

  1. Can be linked to incentives.
  2. Can include Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) strategies.
  3. Can include scenic and aesthetic resources.


Leave underlying zoning as is but provide additional provisions usually to protect a natural resource or promote a particular kind of development.


Provisions must be specific.

Environmental review (SEQRA in NY State) may be required.

Capacity Requirements:

  1. Additional administrative burdens.
  2. If design guidelines are involved, need to develop guidelines and create design review process.
  3. Likely to involve participation and cooperation among multiple land-owners.


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Gaining Ground Working Paper

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Broadly applicable, and can incorporate a wide variety of tools to promote goals: environmental strategies, innovative zoning such as floating zones, special permits, incentive zoning, cluster, special site plan or subdivision regs. Especially useful for promoting incremental change or completion of existing centers. Can overlap municipal boundaries. Could be used at the scale of the larger landscape to protect some resources.


American Planning Association Working Paper

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Gaining Ground Working Paper

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